No Usage Limits - 100% Free

Compress large batches of images in seconds without any limits on the size of the image files, or the number of images you process - for free.

Simply drag & drop to compress images by up to 90% without any visible loss to quality in seconds!.

Reduce your image's size, not its quality

Image by rottonara from Pixabay

We will never charge you for our services, we will never share your data - that is our solemn promise. We offer our services because we thrive on solving challenges which bring real value to people's lives. We hope you like our work!

100s of Images - 11x Faster

Compress images by the hundreds, directly on your own computer using powerful WebAssembly libraries for the most cutting-edge image compression algorithms available.

Our Serverless Technology allows users to compress images instantly - up to 11x faster than other similar leading online image compression tools - even on slow internet connections. Online Image Tool is really, really fast - for everybody.

Reduce your image's size, not its quality

Online Image Tool uses state-of-the-art image compression algorithms for compressing and converting PNG, JPG, GIF, and WEBP images by up to 90%.

Our lightning-fast WebAssembly libraries create serverless workflows which run inside your browser - completely eliminating the need to upload your images to our servers.

  1. No upload limits, no file size limits

    Our serverless technology means everything happens instantly in your browser.

  2. Process hundreds of images in just one click

    Drag & drop hundreds of images and execute batch operations in seconds.

  3. Lightning-fast results

    No need to upload or download massive images to and from our servers. All the magic happens on your computer.

Rank higher on Google

Reduce your site's image sizes, decrease page load times, improve User Experience, rank higher on Google.

As Google continues to place increasing importance on User Experience, reducing of page load times has become a critical criteria for a site's SEO success.

Images take up an average 50% of a total webpage's weight occupying a significant portion of page load times.

Online Image Tool can compress a page's images by up to 90% which can be a game-changer for your site's Google ranking.

Images converted:


Average image size reduction:


Total bytes processed:


Total bytes saved:


Work with any image format

jpg png webp gif

Online Image Tool is unique in that it is a one-stop tool which works with all image formats found on the web today and widely supported by modern browsers.

With the click of a button, you can compress and retain your original image file formats or even have them converted to more optimal formats, thus shrinking your image sizes even further!

100% Private

Your images never leave your computer, and so remain 100% private and secure. All image processing is done in your browser.

Our serverless technology does all the magic in the webpage code itself eliminating the need to upload your images to any of our servers, or to download the results.

Sounds great - what's the catch?

There is no catch. Online Image Tool is our passion project and part of our overarching mission of helping to bring people together by making the internet more accessible to all.

By providing an easy-to-use tool for compressing images free of charge, our hope is that we may help contribute to reducing the weight of the internet, and increase the accessibility of the world-wide-web, eventually reaching those without access to high-speed internet.